The ties which united Picasso and Horta were affective and expressive. The fact that his friend Manuel Pallares brought him to his house on Calle Grau No. 11 to recover from a contagious disease and the fact that in a moment of danger Pallares saved him or helped him overcome the risk he ran from drowning were forever engraved in the heart of the artist. This shows that behind a scathing and iconoclastic artist there was great sentimental.

During the stay from summer of 1898 to February 1899 it seems that what most struck the imagination of the artist were the ports of Beceite. Many people do not understand the artist's relationship with the people until they visited the national park. The route that his friend followed was tiring and stony but with the prize of the natural spectacle of those great valleys those vertical cliffs with waterfalls and a unique vegetation, at the same time that Spain was demoralized by the loss of its colonies and immersed in the war with Cuba. The artist recovers his health with the clear and unpolluted waters of the ports, which represent something like the springs of life. All this contact with the elements and the most primitive forms of life and men rooted in a soil are possibly part of the stepping stone of his great change as an artist after his leap to Madrid sending a work to the General Exhibition of Fine Arts in 1900 and goes to Paris to attend the International Exhibition. Later he returned to Barcelona where he has a small studio to work. After 10 years, to celebrate the happy chance that brought him to our land the artist decides to return to Horta in the company of his partner Fernanda Oliver. His work is at that time a tribute to the people he had met when he was 16 and 17. The men, people and cultures remain in history with more or less intensity as they have created a style and have left an indelible mark in time, aware of it Picasso enrolls Horta in the Cubist style for the moment for eternity. Picasso is the artist who has the widest range of works that can be detected in this sense, one dimension is the ability to work from almost the thumbnail to the design and implementation great work. The second aspect is more common than the first and this is possibly due to the grandeur of the landscape of the mountains of Santa Barbara and the tops of the Ports.

The figure of Picasso will be forever linked to Horta de Sant Joan and will be present through the Centro Picasso of Horta exposing his art style and most of its history

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